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Adnocscholar is the official website of the ADNOC Scholarship Department, Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.

If you are a new visitor, you might be interested in browsing information related to the various scholarship programs offered, our selection criteria and our online application form to apply for your desired scholarship preference.

The website also serves as a virtual office between the Scholarship Department and our current scholars. Our focus is to facilitate a dynamic environment for bright young minds to flourish by maintaining a constant interaction with our scholars abroad. Most of the important announcements posted here are pertinent to our scholars and help keep them up to date on all forthcoming events, policy changes, etc. Forms required for various purposes during the course of study are made available online complemented by the discussion forums to promote a stimulating academic environment for the students, are among other features.

ADNOC Educational Programs and Institutions

Thank you for visiting - We welcome you to the ADNOC family!


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Quarter-Semester Conversion Table
Quarter-Semester Conversion Calc.
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